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RO Descaling Chemicals for Membrane Cleaning

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PELICAN RO Cleaner is low foaming cleaning solution formulated to remove silt & organic foulants such as Colloidal silica, Clay, Organic color & Bacterial slime from thin film composite membranes. PELICAN RO Cleaner is well formulated buffered solution which prevents the pH limits of a membrane being exceeded in the event of misapplication. PELICAN RO Cleaner should not be used on cellulose acetate membranes, as irreversible damage can occur. We offer Complete Range of RO Cleaners.


Sr.No Product Code Key Characteristic Application
1 PELICAN DS-L17 Low pH RO Membrane Cleaners Remove Inorganic Scale & Irons
2 PELICAN DS-H17 High pH RO Membrane Cleaners Remove Organic Foulants & Silica

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